Scott Page
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Scott Page is a published author, and respected celebrity expert on retirement and financial issues facing seniors and baby boomers. His book "It's Never Too Late" has received national attention and great reviews. Scott has appeared on national media outlets such as: 20/20, NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. He has been a frequent guest on Fox Business Network and writes regularly for Huffington Post on retirement issues. Today, he is using his celebrity as a spokesperson for The Golden Opportunity Network, a company that helps seniors take advantage of new financial opportunities that have become available in recent years. During his career, he has helped thousands of America's access millions of dollars to secure a better retirement

Stephen Terrell
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Stephen E. Terrell is a classical entrepreneur success story, contributing writer and respected marketing and branding expert to seniors and financial professionals. He has written articles for LifeHealthPro, Wealth Management, Insurance News Net and California Broker Magazines. During his 25 year business career, he co-created and grew a multimillion - dollar life settlement funding company.

Terrell began his career in life settlements in 1991 and has witnessed the industry's growth from a virtually unknown niche business to a mainstream financial player.

Terrell has pioneered many aspects of the life insurance settlement industry, from early national publicity efforts to the signing of Emmy Award winning actress Betty White as the industry's first celebrity spokesperson.

Ian Shiell
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Ian Shiell has 16 years of experience starting companies, building up their presence and positioning online through proprietary marketing strategies, growing brand recognition and then selling the companies only to move onto the next successful startup.

Shiell began his career in 2000 with his Management Information Systems degree from Florida State University and quickly found himself smack dab in the middle of the wild west of the Internet. After a year or so of trial and error, Shiell became an expert in Search Engine Optimization and works magic on the internet that only a few Google Engineers truly understand.

Brady Cobb
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Brady Cobb focuses his practice in the areas of Business Law. Cobb was named a 2015 Rising Star of the Legal Community as ranked by Super Lawyers of Florida.

Cobb has also developed acute expertise in the field of life insurance settlements. To that end, he represents industry members in complex litigation matters pertaining to life settlement transactions, insurable interest disputes both pre and post contestability, viator/settlor disputes with brokers and/or providers, trustee/carrier disputes, prosecution of bad faith carrier actions and other matters pertaining to the life settlements marketplace. Additionally, Cobb has represented industry participants in individual policy and/or portfolio purchase and sale transactions, as well as representing both brokers and providers in the licensure application process and in compliance/regulatory matters with state insurance departments across the United States.